Our Mission

  • In general terms, our mission is to offer our clients the benefit of our extensive local knowledge through the advice we give them, so as to minimize their risks and optimize their legal and tax strategies. In short, we aim to make sure their investments are secure. Whatever the client’s size, nationality or business, MCI sees its role as a partner, reflecting upon and offering solutions for the client’s projects in Madagascar.
  • On specific aspects, MCI is specialized in advising investors within the framework of due diligence and legal opinion on Malagasy Laws and conditions of setting-up. As partner of investors, MCI participates also in the drafting of joint venture contracts. MCI provides assistance on drafting and securing international finance contracts. MCI is very often called upon to create companies under Malagasy Law or civil society entities such as NGO’s, foundations.
  • Another particular mission of MCI is to draft laws and regulations. Since its creation, MCI is thus a major actor in drafting different Laws.
  • One of the particular aspects of MCI’s mission is to advise clients on domestic and international tax laws. The approach of the Law firm is to advise the client in the complexity of the Malagasy tax system. In its approach, the reflection of MCI tends to tax optimization but reflecting international conventions relating to taxation between Madagascar and a number of countries. A team specialized in taxation is assigned to tax optimizations.