The experiences that best illustrate MCI

In terms of drawing up legal and regulatory texts

  • 2019 (in progress): Harmonization of investment laws in Madagascar, EDBM.
  • 2018: Drafting of a bill for the establishment of agricultural investment zones (transformation of agriculture in Madagascar) with Agrifood International on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture
  • 2018: Development of a bill on the Sustainable Tourism Development Fund with the PIC II on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism
  • 2017: Development of a Malagasy bill on statistics with the UNDP, Ministry of the Economy
  • 2016: Development of a bill on Special Economic Zones (SEZ) with the PIC II and the World Bank, M2PATE
  • 2016: Work on improving the legal framework for the export of agricultural sectors (cotton, cocoa), Ministry of Commerce
  • 2014: Meditation between the private sector and the Ministry of Tourism in the context of the development of the draft Tourism Code, Ministry of Tourism
  • 2012: Development of a bill on corporate sponsorship with the French Cooperation, Ministry of Culture
  • 2010: Work on the bill establishing the legal clinics UNDP, Ministry of Justice

Intervention with international and regional organizations

  • 2013: Pleading before the COMESA Court of Justice in the Savonnerie Tropicale case
  • 2010: Meeting with SADC experts in Mozambique as part of the Harmonization of Business Law in SADC Countries
  • 2009: Work for the Indian Ocean Commission within the framework of the implementation of the COI Bridge on Indian Ocean arbitration
  • 1989-1999: Representation of Africa and Madagascar at the level of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Paris
  • Several consultations with the World Bank, the European Union, the International Finance Corporation, the African Development Bank

In terms of legal advice on behalf of Ministries and public establishments:

  • 2017: Audit and legal restructuring of the Road Authority in Madagascar with the European Union
  • 2017: Audit and restructuring of INSTAT on behalf of the Ministry of the Economy
  • 2015: Legal assistance to the Civil Aviation Authority of Madagascar (ACM) in the context of the termination of a concession contract relating to the management and operation of security services at the eight Madagascan airports.
  • 2008: Adviser to the Ministry of Industry for the establishment of a BOT concession contract
  • 2007-2008: Legal counsel to the EDBM (Malagasy Investment Promotion Agency)
  • 2006-2010: legal counsel for the public establishment FER (Road Maintenance Fund).

In matters of international arbitration and mediation

  • 2017: Study of the strengthening of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Madagascar (CAMM) (PROCOM / European Union)
  • 2014: Legal advice and mediating entity between the private sector represented by the National Tourist Office in Madagascar and the public sector with a view to recasting the Tourism Code and Revision of the draft Tourism Code.
  • 2013-2015: Legal counsel for the COURTS Indian Ocean Company in the context of the arbitration against the Malagasy State
  • 2005-2009: Advisor in International Arbitration in Mauritius within the framework of the arbitration opposing the SIPROMAD Company to an American Company
  • 2006-2007: Advice in English within the framework of contractual negotiations between HILTON Madagascar and SMH
  • International arbitration before the ICC, the ICSID
  • COMESA Arbitration Procedures

In terms of legal advice on investments in Madagascar

  • Legal assistance on behalf of mining companies (due diligence, joint venture contract, etc.)
  • Advice from various internationally renowned companies in the field of investments in Madagascar, such as the Tozzi Green Groups (Italy), Canopy International (France), Andina Turbomecanica (Chile), the Eiffage SA Consortium (France) ̶ Eranove SA (France) ) ̶ Themis Clean Energy Limited (Mauritius), jovena…
  • Intervention within the framework of the review of concession contracts between the Malagasy State and the said companies or also for the review and / or the elaboration of contracts relating to the construction of hydroelectric infrastructures, for the construction of a hydraulic dam , for the supply of energy and fuel to the company JIRAMA,…