MCI Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property in Madagascar

What is Intellectual Property?

The term intellectual property refers broadly to the creations of the human mind. Intellectual property rights protect the interests of creators by giving them property rights over their creations
Intellectual property is divided into two categories:
  1. Industrial property, which includes trademarks, trade names, domain names, industrial designs, patents or geographical indications; and
  2. Copyright, which includes literary and artistic works such as novels and plays, films, musical works, paintings, photographs and sculptures.

Legal framework :

  • Ordinance n° 89-019 establishing arrangements for the protection of Industrial Property in Madagascar (of July 31, 1989)
  • Law n° 94-036 on copyrights (of September 18, 1995)
Administrative Institutions :
  • Malagasy Office of Industrial Property (OMAPI)
  • Malagasy Office of Copyrights (OMDA)
International Treaties :
  • Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property (1963)
  • Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (1966)
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (1978)
  • Nice Agreement (8TH edition)
  • Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).